DUMBO Photo Walk

I recently went on a photo walk in Brooklyn's DUMBO area. DUMBO by the way is not a description of the people there or any Disney characters in the wild, but rather an anachronism for "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass". I love the area because it's so easy to get to by ferry from my apartment on the East Sideof Manhattan. A great ride on the East River, which sets the mood to shoot much better than the two subway trains I'd have to take.  

The photo walk was put on by C. Bay Milin, my former SVA (School of Visual Arts) grad student and presently a full time photographer, who planned and put on for the new graduate class of 2015-2016. As one of the SVA instructors, I tagged along. Photo walks are great in that you are with a group of photographers and you're all on the hunt for images. DUMBO is a great area for inspiration and images, especially on a beautiful end of summer day. A fun morning for all. I regretfully couldn't stay for the full 6+ miles C. Bay mapped out, but below are two of my favorite shots, bit taken at Jane's Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park. This merry go round was built in 1899 and housed in a modern glass structure. I found inspiration in both the old and the new. I took this opportunity to test out some new equipment, like my 50 megapixel Canon EOS 5DRS camera (awesome and sweet) and a 11-24mm lens (equally impressive). The detail in these two images beyond the screen resolution here, is splendid and spectacular.

If you've never taken a photo walk, I highly recommend it to get your creative juices flowing and your photo eye engaged. Not to mention the good a walk will do ya.


CES On The Canon Stage

Just ended 4 days at CES. What a show. I think I walked around when I was free and saw 1% of CES. But thank goodness for Google Alerts, as I spotted a video of me that was uploaded to YouTube, while I was on stage in the Canon booth. I had two wonderful models to use in my demos, Lorenzo and Ming.

Did the video show me working and doing great things with the models? Of course not. The video is a fairly dull spot where I'm setting up an explanation of hard light and soft light. Didn't even know someone was video taping to put online. But it gives you a sense of the stage and me. You can view the video here.

Below are a few of the images of Lorenzo and Ming shot on stage in the hustle and bustle of CES. All the photos were shot with strobes on the Canon 70D. Great, light camera, with wonderful resolution. No hair and makeup, just the models, assistants, and the lights.

I got to go to a private shoot Thursday night after the show in an airplane hanger that held a private jet and about 25 or more collector cars. There were a bunch of us and some models. I'll post that series in a few days but for now, on to Phoenix and the next convention starting Sunday. Stay tuned.