Indonesia Images

I once heard, and believe it to be quiet true, that the best time to edit your own work was six months or more after you took the images. That way you're removed from the experiences and really look at the images. Well, not today for me. I'm still editing my Indonesia images, and there's a ton, but thought I'd post a few initial ones, now that they are all registered. Haven't even finished my first edit on what was a fantastic trip. The people I met there were all warm hearts and inviting souls. I'm getting ready for an Alaska trip at the end of the week, so there wouldn't be a full Indonesia gallery up on my website until sometime late July. So I'm going from a steam bath (Indonesia) to a freezer (Alaska) with just a week's break. Looking forward to a quiet summer in the Berkshires afterwards, editing, before the lecture season starts up again on Labor day with Photoshop World.